Why hemp

Be part of the movement.

Jungle Alley supports and promotes the global movement towards sustainable fashion. Currently, the textile industry is the second largest industrial polluter worldwide, where pesticides used for non-organic cotton farming contribute to this problem largely. 

Our first official collection comprises of hemp and organic cotton knit basics, made for everyday wear. We have loved working with this beautiful ecofabric and look forward to using it for our future collections. 



Hemp, the real MVP

Hemp is an extremely fast growing crop, producing more fibre yield per acre than any other source! In context - hemp can produce 250% more fibre than cotton and 600% more fibre than flax using that same amount of land size.

Apart from requiring no pesticides or chemicals for it's growth (unlike non-organic cotton), hemp also requires far less water to grow as opposed to other natural fibres. 

The anchored root system of hemp protect soils from runoff, preserving top soils. Hemp plants shed their leaves through the growing season, adding rich organic matter to the top soil while helping to retain the soils moisture. 



There are too many awesome properties to name

But here's a few...

Hemp fibres are known to be one of the most strongest and durable of any plant based fibre there is, products made using hemp will outlast their competition by many years. Hemp wears in, not out - so garments made using hemp will last you a lifetime!

 The softness of hemp fabric is like no others, the more hemp is used - the softer it gets! 

Hemp is naturally resistant to mould and bacteria's as well as ultraviolet light.

Not only is hemp strong, but it will hold it's shape, stretching less than other fabrics. The hollowed fibres of hemp allow the fabric to "breathe" keeping you cool in warmer conditions. Due to it's porous fibres, hemp retains water more than other natural fibres. 



Have we got you on the hemp bandwagon yet? Be part of the movement, you won't look back.